An Interview with Tracy and Tony

By | October 19, 2021

Here’s a nifty story my friend Open GIS Data Roger sent me this morning. Its an interview written by Tim & Tim over at Surdex. They interviewed two very accomplished Missouri GIS community members; Tracy Schloss and Tony Spicci for the National States Geographic Information Council’s blog NSCIC GEOJAVA.

My cartographer’s brain wonders if this logo isn’t just asking for trouble.

Tracy SchlossOffice of Geospatial Information, MO Office of Administration

Tony Spicci* – Resource Science GIS Supervisor, MO Department of Conservation

In the article Tony and Tracy touch upon some critical GIS issues we are struggling with here in Missouri. Here are two snippets:

“NSGIC Board Member, MDC Resource Science GIS Supervisor Tony Spicci says the biggest change his state has seen over the past few decades is related to accessibility. “In the past,” says Spicci, “GIS was for big users, upper levels folks hired specifically to do GIS. But the threshold has changed to where people at all levels are able to make contributions. It’s no longer for the elite, it’s now for the masses.”

“With the flooding Missouri experienced this spring, though it was devastating, says [Tracy] Schloss, “We also knew we’d done absolutely everything we could ahead of time to be prepared to share data using GIS. We didn’t have to scramble or rethink how we presented data. We simply referenced people to the interface we already had in place.””

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*Tony is also a fellow Pyromancer.

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