Test Flights

Judd with the University of Missouri school of journalism’s drone program and GeoVelo performed several test flights and did post flight GIS processing and quality control.  We were ready to fly the Weldon Springs are for the German Heritage Program archaeological work.

MU J-School Drones

GeoVelo began working with Judd from the University of Missouri’s School of  Journalism’s drone program. We tested the visibility of the GeoVelo DIY Ground Control Markers on campus.

Grant Help

MHC’s Austin Skinner requests help writing a grant narrative that will focus on Geographic Information Systems

The DGW Scan Grant

GeoVelo begins assisting Dr. Ambrose and the ToTA – at no charge – with a design for their project to scan all of Deloris Gray Wood’s documents. GeoVelo maintains this archive for the ToTA and MHC.


In Columbia, GeoVelo gave the MHC Executive Director a demonstration of basic GIS projections and principals and explained why these were important for geographic information systems projects.

It’s all µTeslas these days…

GeoVelo began experiments on micro Tesla field strength and historic Missouri magnetic anomalies. The geology and magnetic field strengths recorded and mapped by the Missouri Geological Survey and the USGS corresponded nicely with the errors in the 97 mile road plat.

Adding Precision

GeoVelo began transcribing the 97 mile road survey calls into MS Excel. This was the first time this type of effort had been made in Missouri on any Trail of Tears route.

Magnetic Rocks

GeoVelo noticed the survey bearings on the 97 mile road plat were often in error and so began looking for potential sources of that error. Geological ground based magnetic deflection was identified as a possible cause.  In addition, the survey practices at the time did not always include recording the earth local magnetic variance from True North. So.. Read more

Cannon Diaries to Excel

GeoVelo began to transcribe the handwritten Cannon Diaries into an excel spreadsheet. The goal was to allow researchers to tie Specific diary entries to specific sites on the GIS. This work turned out to be extremely useful. – CD

Cannon Diaries

GeoVelo begins work under a grant from MHC to the ToTA to begin mapping the Cannon diary route and sites. – CD