Map it, track it, share it, and make better decisions with Firefly.

Firefly’s Secret: Most GIS tasks are not that hard or complex. Most of the work in a city GIS entails finding assets, marking their location on a web map, and then adding a description.

It doesn’t make sense to pay your GIS contractor’s rates to enter data and mark locations. Firefly lets your city staff handle that stuff while they are already out in the field. However, behind the scenes the Firefly team is doing the complex GIS work and keeping your system running.

Those same Firefly team members are also available to support your field and office staff. Because with Firefly you get a robust GIS for a fraction of the price it would cost you to build it yourself.

With Firefly you are never alone. We’re always just a call, text, email, or video conference away!

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Firefly’s Division of Labor Methods Work: Here’s an Esri blog article featuring the same kind of municipal data collection effort Firefly uses: COVID-19: Idled Sarasota Employees Contribute with Fieldwork

Firefly has a small-city focus!

Firefly is a new way of making a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Firefly makes it easy to map, evaluate, search, display, and find your city’s infrastructure. Firefly allows any Missouri city to use their staff to locate and map city infrastructure.

Your staff will be able to use the system after only a few hours of training.

Asset Infrastructure You Can Map with Firefly:

  • Utilities
    • Public Water
    • Sanitary Sewer (Waste Water)
    • Storm Water
    • Electrical Utility
    • Communications Utility
  • Roads, Bridge, & Transportation
    • Roads, Drainage, and Surfaces
    • Signage MUTCD
    • Land Survey Points
  • Land & Property
    • Easements & Rights of Way
    • Building and Grounds
    • Capitol Asset Management
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Forestry
  • Emergency & Public Safety Operations
    • EMS Response Patterns
    • HAZMAT Storage Locations
    • FEMA Post-Disaster Survey
    • Law Enforcement Investigations
    • Crime Patterns
    • Public Health
  • Housing & Community Development
    • Code Violations
    • Distressed Properties
    • Blight
  • And many more municipal assets and infrastructure.

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Once you map an asset with Firefly your staff can find it again with a simple computer search. You can perform those searches from any device – anywhere! This makes servicing water lines, locating utilities, and valuing your assets a breeze.

The Entry Level GIS Data Recorder is Firefly

Most Missouri villages, meaning third- and fourth-class cities, have geospatial needs but do not have the luxury of dedicated GIS staff and capabilities. As such, the 1990’s GIS revolution bypassed most of Missouri’s small- to medium-sized municipalities because back then there was no affordable way to build and operate a GIS that met your needs.

Firefly changes that because Firefly was designed just for your communities like yours.

Most GIS Platforms Have HUGE Barriers to Entry

There are so many barriers to entry for small to medium cities looking to use a GIS, they include:

  • High Cost: Overall, there is almost always a high start-up cost.
    • Getting public buy-in when budgets are tight can be difficult.
    • There’s no clear way to measure the return on your investment.
    • Your GIS staff members require ongoing training to keep up.
  • You Have to Hire: To launch a GIS you either have to
    • hire an experienced GIS technician, or
    • contract for the services
  • GIS is Complex: GIS software and hardware are complex and put a drain on IT resources.
    • Many GIS software vendors make entry into their GIS ecosystem overly complex.
    • GIS is a foreign language to many and there are too many unknowns.
  • Time Commitment: You often don’t get results until you develop good data, which may take years.
  • “The County is already doing it”: Many cities and villages are stuck deferring to the their County GIS department; which often doesn’t provide the type of infrastructure-focused GIS services they need.

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Firefly Beats Those Barriers to Entry by Design!

  • Firefly is a set of well-thought-out and integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions designed just for medium to small Missouri cities.
  • Firefly was designed to be your first GIS. So if your city doesn’t already have computer maps of your streets, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, stormwater system, and the rest of your infrastructure, Firefly was built for you.
  • Firefly was designed to help you work more closely with the consulting engineer and surveying firms you already work with.
  • Firefly was designed to allow your city staff to collect your infrastructure information and automatically upload it to your GIS. It will save you lots of money.
  • Firefly does all of this with a minimum of training and expense.
  • Firefly was designed to give you a big-city GIS at small-town prices.

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The Standard Firefly Subscription is a one-year subscription with set monthly payments. With the Standard Firefly Subscription, your community receives:

  • Firefly is a real GIS that you can really use and share.
  • A fixed monthly subscription price.
  • 100% cost transparency = NO hidden fees.
  • Your data will always be your data.
  • No proprietary data schemes.
  • An affordable mapping-grade accuracy GPS on a pole.
  • Live technical support by a real GIS tech in Missouri.

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This photo shows three gentlemen trying out Firefly’s data collection software & hardware.

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