Mo. Rev. Stat. §67.1850

§67.850 is the State of Missouri’s GIS Data Exemption from its Sunshine Act Statute. It’s Ugly.

Author’s Note: In 2014, as a law student at the University of Missouri–Columbia School of Law, I wrote an analysis of Missouri Revised Statute § 67.1850. That’s the Missouri statute which grants local governments several unusual powers and great control over the public’s right to access government-held GIS data. My view is that the statute’s enumerated powers run counter to good economic development practices, common sense, and the principles supporting the public’s right to government transparency as codified in the Missouri Sunshine Act. This article makes my case for either repealing or reforming § 67.1850. I’m not just repackaging an old paper for the web. I’m going to update, enhance, and provide links that demonstrate how Missouri’s local governments are misusing the statute, and ultimately harming themselves. – Chris Dunn

Missouri’s GIS Data Statute – Link to the the Missouri Revisor of Statute’s Page for Mo. Rev. Stat. §67.1850

Chapter 1 Introduction to a Bad Law

Chapter 2 GIS Data and Public Records

Chapter 3 Legal Analysis

Chapter 4 Public Policy Analysis

Chapter 5 Conclusion

Chapter 6 The §67.850 Statute

Chapter 7 Proposed Replacement Statute

Chapter 8 End Notes

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