Intro to Geofence Warrants

Take a Smarter Approach to Attacking Your Client’s Geofence Warrant

It doesn’t matter to your client whether geofence warrants are Constitutional. Your client doesn’t have the wherewithal to take that fight to the US Supreme Court. So, consider attacking the structure of the geofence warrant. A geofence warrant is like any piece of forensic evidence. The people that analyzed the data dump made assumptions. Where those assumptions the best practice or where they made to convenience the prosecution?

Explore these topics:

  • Geofence Warrants by the numbers (Below)
  • What is a Geofence Warrant?
  • Geofence Warrants in the Media
  • Geofence Warrant Case Law
  • Disassembling the Geofence Warrant Process
  • The Geospatial Forensics Approach
  • Geofence Warrant Constitutionality
  • Geofence Warrant Resources

Geofence Warrants by the Numbers


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Screenshot taken 20230205