GeoSpatial HIPAA Compliance Procedures

We go well above the minimum to guard your patient’s privacy!
GeoVelo provides each client with whom we have a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) a copy of our confidential internal HIPAA procedures. Rest assured we take our protection of your HIPAA data quite seriously.
As an experienced healthcare business intelligence analysis firm, we know how to ensure HIPAA compliance across the entire project. GeoVelo’s staff are well-versed with the rules and regulations needed to accept, manipulate, archive and return your records.
• Our proprietary internal HIPAA procedures are followed and reviewed regularly.
• All GeoVelo staff are trained on HIPAA confidentiality and security procedures.
• GeoVelo’s electronic assets are physically and electronically secure.
• All GeoVelo employees sign HIPAA Confidentiality Agreements to further protect our client’s data
• All GeoVelo vendors and subcontractors must sign Business Associate Agreements in compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule
• All protected health information is transmitted through secure, encrypted servers. Network repositories are protected with SSL encryption and firewall protection
• Protected health information is maintained electronically until our clients alert us that data set usefulness has ended (per federal rules)
• Continuing Legal Education seminars are required for staff annually.

GeoVelo developed it’s own in-house geospatial HIPAA compliance procedures well before many others in this industry realized the potential liability of geospatially tagged business intelligence products contained potential HIPAA data.

We have developed a proprietary point-data randomization algorithm to insure small scale maps don’t reveal patient data.
Our geospatial PDF products are not distributed with any geospatial source data embedded.