Instead of just a cut and paste dump of the thousands of geospatial legal links I have gathered on this page, I thought, “Chris, why don’t you take it slowly and add the links with some explanatory text and some associated links?” My goal is to add one link a day. If you have a link suggestion, there is a submission form at the bottom of the page, or just email me.



Podcasting from New Zealand, the humorous and candid duo of Chris and Mark cover the trends in the geospatial world with a good mix of skepticism, objectivity, reason, and some well-placed disdain. They also produce some great bump and segue segment audio clips as well.

With a passion for GIS, location intelligence, maps, cartography, indeed anything with a whiff of spatial, Chris and Mark decided to seek fame and fortune by starting the world’s best geospatial podcast.

I can’t help but admire how these two guys approach life, geography, and the rapidly changing geospatial landscape. Give Geodorable a try. I use Google Podcasts to subscribe and listen to their show. Added 20190725

State of Missouri

Missouri Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps

Missouri Department of Revenue – Sales Tax Jurisdiction Maps Are you geo-curious about sales tax districts in Missouri? If so,check out this new effort from the State of Missouri | OA/ITSD | Office of Geospatial Information in support of the Missouri Department of Revenue. It’s an excellent use of Esri’s story map platform. Added 20190715

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