Missouri REALTORS®

Question: Alex, what are 532,032 zones?

You are the Missouri REALTORS®. Your state-wide association has 3 regions, 32 local boards and associations, and thousands of member. You want to help your members effectively engage the right selection of 163 Missouri House of Representatives and 34 State Senators. You only want to engage those elected officials who will consider you a proper constituent. Your local board’s area may cover anywhere from one Representative to thirty five as well as potentially eight state Senators. How do you sort it out?

The Answer: You engage GeoVelo to develop a annual series of customized document for each local board and association that sorts out which elected officials’ district overlaps with each local board or association.

The Bonus: While GeoVelo is in there developing the elected official and geospatial information database we might as well push it up to the web at no charge.

The Missouri REALTORS® Web Map.

The Missouri REALTORS® have been a client of GeoVelo’s since 2017.