1. We Created Firefly! The User-Friendly GIS for Missouri Cities!

Click on the image to discover Firefly!

Firefly is a new way of making a Geographic Information System (GIS). Firefly makes it easy to map, evaluate, search, display, and find your city’s infrastructure. Firefly allows any Missouri city to use their staff to locate and map city infrastructure. Your staff will be able to use the system after only a few hours of training. Click here to learn more.

Here’s an Esri blog article featuring the same kind of data collection effort Firefly uses: COVID-19: Idled Sarasota Employees Contribute with Fieldwork

2. GeoVelo’s Creates Business & Market Intelligence Products

Know Your Market: GIS offers penetrating insights and helps you better understand your market areas and customer demographics. It will grow your business.

Business Intelligence Maps: GeoVelo provides custom business intelligence services to businesses of every size. A business’s internal data is an invaluable asset, and it is costly to collect and maintain. By taking a spatial approach, GeoVelo helps our clients look at their data in ways their competition isn’t. Once business leaders recognize that there is unexploited geospatial intelligence in their data, they begin to move ahead of the competition. Our work includes gathering demographics, market numbers, and geographic markers and blending those data sets in ways where patterns become apparent. You never really understand your market until you’ve seen it in a spatial context.

3. GeoVelo Offers Legal Team & Trial Support Services

Persuasive Demonstratives: Do the best for your clients not just by telling judges or juries what happened but by showing them. Collaborate with GeoVelo to create exhibits, models, videos, and animations that take people to the scene of the crime or another legal proceeding.

Geospatial Forensics: The critical element of a legal case often involves where an event took place. GeoVelo works with teams of attorneys to help them make their cases stand up in court. Our process requires applying the geosciences in a way that both the court and the opposing counsel will accept as solid and admissible evidentiary work. GeoVelo regularly helps lawyers make their case, and sometimes we show them that they may not have a case, which can help their client avoid expensive and prolonged litigation. Once, we even helped to set an innocent man free.

Crime Scene Models:  GeoVelo is the only mid-Missouri firm offering 3-D crime scene models. We start by mapping the events and items present at the scene and then build a spatially accurate 3-D model in the same coordinate geometry.

Trial Graphics: Juries want engaging graphics. Television crime shows have set expectations high. GeoVelo takes each case’s complex geospatial issues and presents them in ways juries innately understand. We can use our HP Z-5200 Large Format Plotter to print large-scale graphics for use in the courtroom. Remember, you’ll never get a PowerPoint into a jury room during deliberations. But when done correctly, you can often get large posters, maps, and photographs introduced into the jury room.

Video and Animation: It may sound like we’re spreading ourselves too thin by offering video presentations and map and crime scene animation, but they are natural extensions of the platforms we already use. Help tell your client’s story by working with GeoVelo to craft recreations of the places and spaces that impact the case.

4. GeoVelo Supports Nonprofits

Community Betterment: GeoVelo works for a number of nonprofit organizations who are doing their best to make this world a better place. Every little bit helps, so we offer nonprofits a discounted hourly rate. We’ve been known to make the maps used for their board meetings, map study areas, and websites to tell the nonprofits’ essential stories. In my book, the best kind of work is when you’re telling an underdog’s story with interactive maps and stunning visuals.

5. GeoVelo Gives Back

We are all in this together: GeoVelo supports non-profits through donations of both time and money. In 2020, and since the start of Covid-19, GeoVelo has donated over $20,000 in a combination of funds and free geospatial services.