GeoVelo applies geospatial tools and thinking to your problems. For example:

An Example Healthcare Map
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Businesses: GeoVelo provides business of all size custom Business Intelligence services.  A businesses’ internal data is an invaluable asset and it is very expensive to collect and maintain.  By taking a spatial approach to business data, GeoVelo helps our clients look at their data in a way their competition isn’t. Once a business recognizes that there is unexploited geospatial intelligence in their data they begin to move ahead of the competition. My work includes gathering demographics, market numbers, and blending those data sets in a way where patterns in the data become apparent. You never really understand your market until you’ve seen it in a spatial context. helping businesses better understand their market areas and customer demographic, so they can meet challenges and grow.

Lawyers: Often the critical element of a legal case involves where an event happened. This means working with a team of attorneys to help them make their case stand up in court.  This requires applying the geosciences in a way that both the court and the opposing counsel will accept as solid and admissible evidentiary work. GeoVelo regularly helps lawyers make their case, and sometimes we show them they may not have a case; which can help their client avoid expensive and prolonged litigation. And once, we helped set an innocent man free.

Crime Scene Models:  GeoVelo is the only Mid Missouri firm offering three dimensional crime scene models.  We start by mapping the events and things present at the scene and then build a spatially accurate 3-D model in the same coordinate geometry.

Graphics:  Jurys want to see engaging graphics.  Television crime shows have set the expectations bar high.  GeoVelo takes the case’s complex geospatial issues and presents them in a way juries innately understand.  We have the ability to print large graphics for use in the courtroom on our HP Z5200 Large Format Plotter. Remember, you’ll never get a PowerPoint in to jury room during deliberations.  But done correctly, you can often get large posters, maps and photographs into a jury room during deliberations.

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Video and Animation: It may sound like we are spreading ourselves to thin by offering video presentations and map and crime scene animation, but they are a natural extension of the platforms we already use.

FQHCs: A number of GeoVelo’s clients are Missouri’s Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs).  These unsung heros deliver quality care across the state of Missouri utilizing a competitive grant process/  The process embraces competition and encourages process improvement.  GeoVelo works with Community Asset Builders in Jefferson City to ensure these critical FQHC grant applications are submitted with custom maps that illustrate the reach and impact of the individual FQHC.

Hospitals & Hospital Systems:  GeoVelo helps large healthcare organizations understand their markets better, save money, locate facilities and clinics, and deliver better, faster, less expensive care.  We’ve got the maps and experience to show you how we can analyze your market and provide you an amazingly high R.O.I.

Demonstration map
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Nonprofit Organizations: GeoVelo works for a number of nonprofit organizations who are doing their best to make this world a better place.  We also offer nonprofits a discounted hourly rate. We’ve been know to make the maps used in their board meetings, map study areas, and sometimes we make on-line web maps to tell an important story.  In my book, you cannot do better work than when you are telling an underdog’s story with interactive maps and stunning visuals.