Big Printer
GeoVelo’s HP Z5200 Full-Color Photo-Quality Large-Format 42″ Wide Plotter

Make it Big

GeoVelo now offers our clients custom photo-quality, large-format printing in addition to our GIS services.


We use genuine HP media.

  1. Adhesive-backed Polypropylene (Use for Stickers)
  2. Artist Matte Canvas (Use for Art Projects)
  3. Bright White Inkjet Paper with ColorPRO Technology (Use for Court Exhibits)
  4. Coated Paper (Use for Draft Maps)
  5. Heavyweight Coated Paper (Use for Working Maps)
  6. Opaque Scrim (Use for Vinyl Banners)
  7. Premium Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper (Use for Display)
  8. Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film (Use for Exhibit Booths, Wayfinding Signage & Conferences)
  9. Universal Bond Paper with ColorPRO Technology (Use for Working Maps)
  10. Universal Coated Paper (Use for Working Maps)
  11. Universal High-gloss Photo Paper (Use for Display)
  12. Universal Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper (Use for Displays)
  13. Universal Instant-dry Semi-gloss Photo Paper (Use for Displays)
  14. Universal Semi-gloss Photo Paper (Use for Displays)


Almost every media type listed above are available on a roll 42 inches wide.